Past Projects

IC-Haiti focuses on projects relating to healthcare and education in the area of Fond des Blancs, Haiti.  With your help, IC-Haiti has made a real difference.

Please see our Welcome, Recent News and Current Projects pages for updates on the school in Puit Cha Cha and healthcare-related initiatives we’ve been working on.

Support of Healthcare

IC-Haiti has supported cancer prevention and dental care Programs at the St Boniface Hospital.  While the incidence of most cancers is low, the occurrence of cervical cancer among Haitian women is quite high.  The cervical cancer screening funded by IC-Haiti has resulted in the early detection and curative laser treatment of approximately ten percent of the women who participate in the testing clinics.

Infectious disease exacerbated by childhood malnutrition as well as poor water quality and a lack of sanitation is the greatest threat to the health of the people of Fond des Blanc, and preventing the spread of HIV is a major concern.  The marked incidence of HIV infections in persons whose abscesses and decayed teeth were extracted by untrained “dentistes” in the open air country markets with unsterilized equipment has been reduced through more modern practices implemented, under infection control, by a trained dentist at the SBHF dental clinic.  The dentist, technician, and fluoride treatments for patients are also sponsored by IC-Haiti.

Earthquake Relief

IC-Haiti donors and friends from around the country responded quickly and generously to our appeal for contributions inn the aftermath of the January 12th, 2010 earthquake in Port au Prince. Our partners in Haiti, The St Boniface Hospital in Fond des Blanc avoided damage and became one of the only standing acute care hospitals in southern Haiti.  Hospital staff suddenly found themselves dealing with displaced families and patients with permanent spinal cord injuries who were air lifted from the USS Comfort, anchored in Port au Prince Harbor, into the mountain hospital.  IC-Haiti was able to transfer much needed funds immediately to St. Boniface for the purchase of medical and transport supplies, and to pay for the increased nursing staff required.  Today, the group of spinal cord injured patients at St. Boniface continue to improve.  Some have been able to resume life with their families; others remain at the hospital to continue therapy.  Family members have been welcomed to the Fond des Blanc community and remind all of us of the beauty of Haitian community and culture.

Support for Clean Water

IC-Haiti has funded the digging of two deep water wells in areas with no prior access to clean water.

Women and children often carry water for miles in the absence of wells nearby.

Permanent Housing

IC-Haiti funded the construction of one permanent home for a needy family selected by the community.

This home was fully funded by IC-Haiti, and given by the community of Fond des Blanc to a local family.

Traditional Grass Huts offer no protection in hurricanes


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