Current Project’s most recently completed project is the construction of the Fr Marc Piché Immaculate Conception Parish School in Puit Chacha, Haiti.  Parishioners visited the new school to participate in the official opening ceremony on the second anniversary of the January 2010 earthquake.  It was wonderful to see new hope for the future as the community of Puit Chacha remembered those they had lost.

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With the help of our community, IC-Haiti funded construction of this new school in a remote village.  The school building was completed in October 2011, and we are pleased to report that 200 students are enrolled and attending classes at the school.  The school consists of three buildings – one with three classrooms, secure food storage, and dining area; one with three classrooms and an office for the director/principal; and a third separate toilet block.  The buildings have been constructed pursuant to new Haitian structural safety codes enacted in the aftermath of last year’s earthquake, and have the capability to accommodate a second story for future expansion. The total cost of school construction was approximately $114,000 of which donors to IC-Haiti have contributed $89,000, with the remaining $25,000 provided by another contributor to SBHF.  Additionally, IC-Haiti provided funding for furnishing the schools (desks, chairs, chalk boards, shelving, earth globes, geometric instruments) at a cost of $13,840. and will now fund the ongoing operations.

In addition, when the school was constructed, local institutions received food aid from the USAID and Catholic Relief Services.  Due to the US Government financial difficulties, all food aid to this area of Haiti has stopped.  Because of the extreme need of this population, most of whom are food insecure, IC-Haiti has negotiated with our Haitian partners to privately fund a food program to the school.

Now, in 2016, IC-Haiti’s current mission is to continue to raise the operational funds to sustain the school and the feeding program every year.   If we are fortunate enough to complete funding for the school, we will be able to continue to fund the dental program, pharmaceutical assistance, and women’s health programs in the area that we have been able to fund in the past.  Please Donate Now to help us meet our goals.

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