IC Haiti News: Unprecedented Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti

An unprecedented, ongoing humanitarian crisis is taking place throughout Haiti.  An unstable government and a lack of properly equipped security forces have allowed numerous gangs to take control of large portions of the country. The country’s supply chains for essential goods, such as food, water, fuel, and medicines have been cut off by gang take-overs and subsequent blockades of main ports and roads. Travel has been brought to a standstill; and the country has experienced widespread closures of banks, schools, and markets. Food insecurity is now a severe problem for over half the country’s populace.

The Fr. Marc Piche school’s administration in Puit Chacha cautiously evaluated the risk to students in our region and decided it was safe enough to open on October 11th. Although the school experienced reduced attendance on the first days by 40%, we are pleased the students are back in session and that we are able to provide them with our lunch program again despite inflationary food prices.

  1. Virtual Update: Upholding Care Amid Countrywide Crisis Oct. 13, 2022: Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1i7SsUHtDc You will find a very thorough description of what’s going on in the Southern peninsula of Haiti where the Fr. Marc Piche Elementary School and Saint Boniface Hospital are both located. Suggestions for ways to help are offered at the end of the webinar. 
  2. The Board of Directors for IC Haiti will consult with the leadership at Health Equity International to determine how best to use funding to address the current crisis. Health Equity International is the nonprofit organization that runs the Saint Boniface Hospital in Fond-des-Blancs and oversees our school in Puit Chacha. This nonprofit is IC Haiti’s “eyes and ears” on the ground in Haiti.
  3. Conor Shapiro, CEO of Health Equity International, will speak briefly at the 9 AM Mass Sunday, November 13th about the humanitarian crisis in Haiti. Following the Mass in the Parish Center, he will offer a more in-depth analysis of the situation in Haiti, particularly as it is affecting the school community in Puit Chacha and the hospital in Fond-des-Blancs.

What can we do to help?

  • Become aware and knowledgeable about what’s going on in Haiti. (See #1 and #3 above.)
  • Include our brothers and sisters in Haiti in our daily prayers.
  • Advocate personally by informing/educating those we know.
  • Advocate nationally by contacting our US Representatives and Senators.
  • Advocate locally with “letters to the Editor” in our newspapers.
  • Donate to IC Haiti. (See #2 above)

About ichaiti

IC-Haiti is a 501(C)3 organization dedicated to improving the lives of the people in Fond des Blancs, Haiti. We focus on projects related to healthcare and education.
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